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Pull-up resistors for the ADM1186-1ARQZ

Question asked by drasyk on Mar 15, 2017
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I have a question regarding the product ADM1186-1ARQZ. My company is using the IC to power up a FPGA. When the system is started, the outputs of the regulators should be disabled in order to avoid any damage to the FPGA. However, it seems to me, that right at the beginning all regulators could be enabled due to the pull-up resistors. In our design, the pins UP and !DOWN are connected together and controlled by a microcontroller. Aditionally, there is a 100k pull-down resistor to ensure that the power up sequence is not started. My question is, if the design with the pull-up resistors would work, or on the contrary, a design with pull-down resistors for the regulators needs to be done.


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