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typos in AD7147 material

Question asked by hatsipakki on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by Maurice


When browsing through AD7147-1 (I2C) reference material and dev-kit, I have noticed at least two quite severe bugs/types.


  1. AD7147 Evaluation software: if current registry settings are output to a *.h config file, StageBuffer values [4..7] are written in DEC, whereas other writings are in HEX. If same data is ouput with "setup register" -> save as *.txt, values are correctly in hex.
  2. AD7147_Integration_Slider_Firmware_V4-I2C: in AD7147RegMap.h, " #define Stage9-AMBIENT" registry is written to be 0x234, whereas it should be 0x235..


Both files/installers are downloaded directly from AD7147 product page.