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AD9371 calibration

Question asked by GuyV on Mar 15, 2017
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I have a few questions regarding the AD9371 LOL and QEC calibration process.

- What is the duration of the initial calibration process? (Assuming all system considerations are met)

- When and how often should it performed? I understand from the user guide that this is done at start up and whenever    the Rx or Tx LO  frequency is changed by more than 100MHz. Are there any other cases when this calibration should  be done?

- Can the initial calibration be done independently? In AD9361 this was possible by writing proper values to specific        registers. This is important in applications where fast frequency hopping is required.

- When are the RFIR and TFIR coefficients determined? during the TX_BB_FILTER and TIA_3DB_CORNER initial          calibration process? are there any updates to the filters after the initial calibration?