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ADuC7060 _ADC4 output noise ?

Question asked by Terumasa on Mar 14, 2017
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Please let me know your advice about ADC4 output of ADuC7060.

Our customer uses EVAL-ADuC7060 at below condition.



Primary channel and Auxiliary channel is measured  alternately.

Output data of Primary channel is OK  ,

but the data of Auxiliary channel is periodically swing about  12274000LSB +- 1000LSB.


When auxiliary channel only is measured ,   ( primary channel is disabled)

above problem is not appeared  and result is about 12274000 LSB +- 100LSB




Is there any limitation of using both primary channel and auxiliary channel ?

If you need measurement data , please let me know your e-mail address because it is cutomer's data.


Measurement sequence

Measured channel is below sequence.

ADC0:1 - > ADC4 - > ADC2-> ADC4 -> ADC3  -> ADC4   - >  ADC0:1  ....


Channel settings

ADC0:1  = RTD

ADC2 and ADC3 : another sensor output voltage

ADC4:   0.88V from reference  voltage generator

ADC5 is connected to AGND.


Board switch setting


Other switch: Open


Register settings of both channel measurement

ADCMDE = 0x81;

ADCMSKI = 0x03;


ADC0-1: 0x8414

ADC2:   0x8580

ADC3:   0x85C0


ADC4:   0x8B00


ADCCFG = 0x0000;

IEXCON = 0x42;


Register settings of auxiliary channel  only measurement

Below change from above settings

ADCMSKI = 0x02; 

ADC0CON = 0x0000


Please let me know your advice.


Best Regards,