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Master Control Port Runtime Sequential Write (ADAU145x)

Question asked by RitchRock on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by venkatesan

I'm in the process of making schematics/PCB for my system, which includes the ADAU1452 and an ADC with built in PGAs that can be programmed via I2C. It would be very convenient to use the ADAU1452 Master Control Port to setup this ADC via I2C and do some sequential writes during runtime. This all seems possible according to the wiki: Master Control Port (ADAU145X) [Analog Devices Wiki] 

The documentation states:

The master control port Runtime Sequential write block allows communication with external devices during the audio processing. Typically this block is used to configure an external device like a converter or codec. Communication over the master control port bus (I2C/SPI) occurs during the audio processing. The data transferred between host and device is defined in a SigmaStudio sequence file which can be generated using the SigmaStudio sequence window.

Great! I've read through the links and understand how to drag and drop commands from the capture window to define a sequence. This is straightforward, however I still can't figure out how I would send the I2C commands to configure my converter using this. What operation would I need to define? For example, how would I define an operation to write to a specific register on my ADC? Is there an example of how this might be accomplished?