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Clear functionality in AD5755 ?

Question asked by VAV on Sep 23, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by DerrickH

Hi ,


Consider the situation  for an output channel with CLR_EN bit set  with programmed digital clear code as  'X' .

i.e Output channel is configured for output corresponding to clear value 'X' at the time of positive signal edge given to Clear Pin .


Now consider a scenario ,when at time T1 output for above mentioned channel is as per 16 BIT digital data 'Y',.

After some time say at T2 ,Clear Pin is made high so now output from the channel will be as per clear Code 'X'.


Again after some time,say at T3 ,Clear pin is made low.


What will be the output voltage at that instance ( T3 )corresponding to ?

Will it correspond to the digital data "Y" or it will remain as per digital data "X" ?


In short if we dont input any new digital data in data register of that output Channel after time T3 .


Will there be any output present on output channel and what digital data will it correspond to "X" or "Y" ?


Regards !!