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AD8186 Video distortion

Question asked by Vinod.huddar on Sep 23, 2011

Hi All,


W are seeing distortion in the video seen in TV when AD8186 is connected. Attached is the same (only Y was connected to AD8186, so only black and white picture is seen). The test set up is as follows


1)Blu ray player component output connected to AD8186 input.

2)AD8186 output is connected to TV.

3) 1080i60 Video is used for testing

4) Vref is 2.5V

5) Vcc is 5V

6) Power to AD8186 is provided from Bench top linear supply (Vref and Vcc)

7)Removed 75 ohms and 0.1 uf on output of AD8186 eval baord and connected zero ohms to the same.

8) The Input and output video waveforms of AD8186 is 1Vpp


The distortion is not frequently happening. Probable cause for the issue might be sync loss as it can be seen in the attached. Since the distortion is not frequently happening it is difficult to capture the sync which is the cause of the distortion. Also tried ac-coupling the output instead of DC coupling, but no luck.


Also connected output of AD8186 to an opamp with gain of 2 to eliminate the loading issues. But still we are seeing the issue.


Please can somehelp me in sorting out this issue.



Vinod A H