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Noise Cancelling Headset Using SigmaStudio (3.14)

Question asked by peyschbas on Mar 11, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by peyschbas

Dear engineers,

I am in the planning phase of a noise cancelling 
headset that has one (1) speech mic (mouth level), one (1) ambient mic (ear level), 

two (2) other left and right mics for noise cancellation, and two (2) left and right speakers. I am looking at chipsets that have a combined CODEC+DSP functionality such as the latest ADAU1777. My questions are:

1. SigmaStudio supports ADAU1772 but, not the latest ADAU1777; when is the support for ADAU1777 planned to happen in SigmaStudio?
2. I noticed that SigmaStudio has a lot more functionalities for ADAU1691, ADAU1701, and ADAU1702 but, a lot less for ADAU1772 (and probably ADAU1777 when supported); what is the recommended chipset that has the functionalities to support my application, i.e. noise cancelling headset with four (4) mics and two (2) speakers?
3. Given your recommended chipset in point 2. above, what noise cancelling functionalities should I use in SigmaStudio? I failed to find the basic ones such as:
       a) ambient noise removal (spectral or other) given two (2) mic inputs, i.e. one (1) speech mic and one (1) ambient mic;
       b) noise cancellation algorithm given two (2) or four (4) mic inputs.

Thanks much for your support.