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Exact location of accelerometers within ADIS16488

Question asked by eirikwor on Mar 10, 2017
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I'm part of a team working on tightly coupled visual-inertial navigation, using your ADIS16488BMLZ as the inertial sensor. Seeing as this setup is turning out to perform better than expected, the biggest source of uncertainty is now the camera-IMU calibration, specifically translation (the relative attitude is very observable, and easily estimated to a high degree of certainty). 


I understand that the Point of Percussion (PoP) alignment feature should eliminate the need for this information, but this bothers me somewhat as this alignment would need the angular acceleration, which to my understanding is not measured directly. This concern has been raised by another user (Excat location of accelerometer(s) in ADIS16448 ), using the 16448.


Is it possible for you to provide the exact location of the accelerometers within the ADIS16488BMLZ? Please understand that this information is only relevant because all other aspects of the sensor is performing flawlessly.


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