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ADE7913 Question

Question asked by HOD on Mar 9, 2017
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I have a question ADE7913.


1, ADC Transfer Function P,20 in DS

Voltage channel is ±0.788V, Current channel is ±49.27mV

What kind of meaning is this?
Is this used to calculate 1LSB?



2,UG-571 Phase A Voltage Input Structure on the Evaluation Board

I think R14/C11 has to be the same fixed number as R12/C9 filter,

but please teach me to change the resistance value about the degradation which occurs (anxiety).
Does an error expand?
Does an offset error increase?



3,Calibration Function

I think There isn't Auto-Calibration function inside ADE7913.
When doing offset cancellation and Gain correction in soft ware,

can think an error of 1/2LSB and its temperature drift part are left?



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