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ADSP-21489 Power Sequence Schematic

Question asked by Eric_Kang on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Hi All,
I want to know how to design the ADSP-21489 Power Circuit simply,
and I want to know why the Time Delay device(ADM1085) is needed in the VDDINT circuit.


The DSP has a specific power-up sequence like as below.
- Power Up Sequencing Timing Requirements
  . VDDINT = VDDEXT +/- 200ms
  . Power Requirement
- ADSP-21489 Power Circuit
  . VDDEXT(3.3V@2A) -> Time.Delay(ADM1085) -> ADP1864(DCDC) -> VDDINT(1.1V@2A)
  . I think Time.Delay(ADM1085) doesn't need in the VDDINT power circuit, because VDDINT is VDDEXT +/- 200ms.
  . Can I remove the Time Delay Device(ADM1085)?
  . Why is the Time Delay device(ADM1085) needed in the VDDINT circuit?
  . Please share the simple VDDINT Power Circuit to be recommended if you have.
  . VDDINT Circuit
    : VDDINT_Circuit


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