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Flash writing problem on ADV7625 evaluation board

Question asked by Keiichi.Okuji Employee on Mar 9, 2017
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As suggested in recent thread, I has post a new thread. Copy from previous thread below.


I have problem to write to flash on the ADV7625 evaluation board from Blimp. Blimp can't find BF nor ADV7625. What should I do on both of Blimp and evakuation board?



Keiichi Okuji


  • Hi,


    I'm still trying to write into the flash with your comment above however blimp tool can't find the BF USB device. What's wrong? 

    I have confirmed the BF USB port is connected to PC on COM14. 

    I also confirmed It can be communicated by terminal software like below.

    What should I do for both of board and Blimp?



    Keiichi Okuji @ ADKK

     of the board itse