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ADE7953 AWATT and BWATT full scale expected reading

Question asked by alperuslu on Mar 9, 2017
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In the Active Power Calculation section of ADE7953 datasheet, it is written that "With full-scale inputs, the expected reading in the AWATT and BWATT registers is approximately 4862401 LSBs (decimal)".


With full scale inputs 500mV , 1 LSB is equal to 0.5/6500000 = 7.692e-8. 


For power calculations, RMS value is taken that is 0.5/sqrt(2)= 0.3535.


Multiplying current and voltage channels will be 0.3535*0.3535=0.124V. Then the expected reading with full scale inputs should be 0.124/7.692e-8 = 1624509. What is wrong with my calculation?


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