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AD9361 Initialization/callibration

Question asked by Selwyn on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by rgetz



I am working on a HW using the AD9361 API Non-OS function driver package which I  downloaded from git-hub. I am still exploring the code inside.


From my observations and understanding, I realized that during this function call - AD9361_init(), there isn't any calibration routine being calibrated. Am I right ?  Correct me if I am wrong.

I found the calibration functions based on the reference manual UG-570 inside the driver package but they were not used at all. Is there any reason why and if I need to do calibration, is there any sequence of doing so via those calibration functions?


Based on the reference manual UG-570, I know that AD9361 is able to support either TDD/FDD mode. How do I switch the mode in non-os? I found that if I change the setting in the default_init_param , I can change to TDD mode(Default setting is FDD mode enable). I am asking like is there a API function inside for me to switch mode during application.  I couldn't find much help in the reference manual. Do I have to access the register directly?The reason I am asking is because in some applications we need to switch from FDD mode to TDD mode, or vice-versa.

Is there any difference between FDD mode and FDD independent mode ?