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ADV7511 HDMI registers config

Question asked by Last_Hope on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Last_Hope

Hi, i use ADV7511 with FPGA for HDMI out in monitor. Use the next param: 1080i_50, style 2, 16x9,  YCbCr 4:2:2 embeded. I set following registers check please:

0xD6 0xC0
0x41 0x10
0x98 0x03
0x9A 0xE0
0x9C 0x30
0x9D 0x61
0xA2 0xA4
0xA3 0xA4
0xE0 0xD0
0xF9 0x00

0x03 0x80
0x04 0x42
0x05 0x2C
0x7B 0x45
0x43 0x7E
0x45 0x70
0xE1 0x78
0x44 0x01
0xE2 0x01
0x15 0x02
0x16 0xB5
0x17 0x03
0x18 0x46
0x40 0x80
0x48 0x00
0xD0 0x3C
0xBA 0x00
0x10 0xDE
0xAF 0x06
0x55 0x20
0x56 0x28
0x44 0x78
0x30 0x16
0x31 0x02
0x32 0xC0
0x33 0x08
0x34 0x05
0x35 0x2F
0x36 0xD4
0x37 0x0F
0x38 0x00
0x39 0x21
0x3A 0xC0
0xD7 0x16
0xD8 0x02
0xD9 0xC0
0xDA 0x08
0xDB 0x05
0xDC 0x00
0xDD 0x00
0xFA 0x00
0xFB 0x00


If registers not true correct plese.


P.S  I create project in vivado for HDMI out, but VIC reg 0x3E set 0x00.

My eng is bad