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Documentation error in ADAU1701-c.pdf

Question asked by CoolJavelin on Mar 8, 2017
Pretty sure this is the wrong place to post this, but I sent to Analog support already,
and they sent me here, so..., here goes. (attached, snippet of document page.)


I have been attempting to talk to an ADAU-1701 DSP via the I2c port.
Looking at ADAU1701-c.pdf, page 24, fig(s) 20 and 21, I see some incorrect info.
The first part of the figs show a START command (SDA going LO while SCL is HI)
then 6 fixed bits and 1 variable bit.
This is incorrect. It is 5 fixed bits and 2 variable bits.


Also incorrect, both figs show the data changing state while the clock is HI.
The proper diagram should be, change the data, set clock HI, set clock LO, then change data again.
Fig 4 (page 9) does show the proper timing for the I2c port.


One more note for clarity, there should be no lines under the ones in the figure.
A line above the 1 and a line below implies the bit can be in either state.
For the fixed bits, that isn't the case.

Thanks for looking, Mark.