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Issues on ad9361-iiostream example on FMCOMMS5

Question asked by Quamstar on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by mhennerich
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I recognized some issues on the latest version (using the latest image). I changed to the libiio/example directory and was running make to install the examples. Only ad9361-iiostream was build and is excecutable.


Running this application causes the following error:


root@analog:/usr/local/src/libiio/examples# ./ad9361-iiostream
* Acquiring IIO context
* Acquiring AD9361 streaming devices
ad9361-iiostream: ad9361-iiostream.c:212: main: Assertion `get_ad9361_stream_dev(ctx, RX, &rx) && "No rx dev found"' failed.


The devices of the FMCOMMS5 are available and using the iio-oscilloscope on an windows host-machine works fine. Why does the applicaion stops?