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how can I minimize linux startup time?

Question asked by jeffxu on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Aaronwu


1.We worked on sc584 ezboard,we write uboot into spi nor flash,uImage and dtb file into sd card (sd card work on spi mode through SPI0,1 bit mode).my uImage file is about 30MB,when we boot up the system in this way,The whole startup process spend about 100 seconds,It takes more than 50 seconds to read the image from SPI0 sd card. I reviewed the uboot code ,I found the clock of SPI0 is 25M,But I measured the SCLK frequency of spi0 with oscilloscope,SCLK of spi is just 5M,and how can I increase the speed of SPI0?
2.I also test system startup time through ethernet ,uboot commond is "run ramboot",it also takes a long time ,about 70 you have some other advise for minimizing linux startup time??
thank you very much~~