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ADUM4135 Failure after a while

Question asked by MiladAragon on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by RSchnell

I'm a Hardware engineer working on a fixed current regulator system, using your ADUM4135 for driving a N channel Mosfet.
I have already broken 6 ADUM4135's and probably it's going to be more, but anyway I have posted my schematics.
briefing the system, the ADUM4135 is supposed to switch a N-Mos to regulate the amount of current passing through the system by regulating the duty cycle over the N channel Mosfet.
The problem is whenever I solder a new ADUM4135, it works fine for like 5 minutes and it breaks with no sign, I mean it doesn't give any output and stops working after 5 minutes, before that we can perfectly observe a nice 15 volt pwm pulse on the gate of the Mosfet, we have eliminated the Desaturation detection part by eliminating the Diod and shorting the Desat Capacitor.(also there is no N-channel Mosfte mounted on the pcb for avoiding any unforeseen behavior from the Mosfet side, also we have tested it with mosfet and it has the completely same behavior. )
I read all the forum and I observed this is a super sensitive module and with a little mistake it will be gone!
Also the input to the module is such that we are giving a 200Khz 5V peak-peak PWM pulse to Vi+ pin and Vi- is grounded.(Zero Volt)
The most annoying part is the failure of the module after a while which leaves us in a cloud of ambiguity, So we will be grateful if you take a look at this problem and let us know your opinion.