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How to achieve continuous data capture in GNURadio using Zedboard+FMCOMMS3 setup?

Question asked by mbrosy on Mar 7, 2017
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I am trying to implement a real-time implementation of a radar with FMComms3 using GNURadio.

My setup is as follows:
GNURadio is run remotely on a Linux PC with the Zedboard+mounted FMComms connected via Ethernet local network. I am using two antennas for my transceiver setup and am transmitting over the air.

Right now, I'm trying to transmit and receive a FSK signal simultaneously but I notice that the signal I'm capturing from the FMcomms source is not continuous (the signal is fluctuating from no-signal to full-signal ).

Attached in this post is a screen capture of the GUI sink as observed when I can see the FSK signal momentarily and then it disappears, with noise only left in the received path.


Received FSK Signal:

NOISE only:

Below is an image of my flowgraph. Is there any setting (buffer size, signal amplitude, sampling rate, etc.) that I'm missing? 


I'd appreciate any help. I have been trying to fix this issue for 2 weeks and I can't seem to get any changes. I am new to GNU Radio and also to linux. I have not done any in-depth changes to any library whatsoever. 

I am expecting that the data transfer can keep up between my laptop and the board since the setup is connected via Ethernet cable.