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ADV7511KSTZ-P no audio with TV

Question asked by Mehiro on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Mehiro

We're using ADV7511KSTZ-P (not HDCP supported) on our board and have audio problem with Sharp Corporation's TV(model number AQUOS LC-22K30).


Connecting HDMI output of our board to Sharp's TV, it has no audio.

and to other maker's TV, no problem (have audio)


we checked some registers on ADV7511 and found following procedure could be a solution but we don't know way.

And we'd like to know a root cause.

Could you please let us have any advice?



1.using attached script(1080p60.txt) => (no audio with Sharp's TV)

2.writing register 0x0C 0xBC (I2S mode)

3.writing register 0x0C 0xBF (AES3 direct mode) => now have audio with Sharp's TV


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