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To get ADXL16490 working / INS/GNSS data fusion

Question asked by iMAR on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by iMAR

Hi!  We just tried to get the ADXL16490 working in our INS/GNSS Environment. Initially we failed because the MEMS IMU showed sporadically very large (senseless) data on the data output.

Unfortunateyl the Analog Devices Support was not able even to provide an answer due to "Support Overflow".

In the meantime, after many tests and examining several configuration setups, we identified that the problem is caused by the initialization of the ADIS16490: If you use the triggered mode, you have to configure the device always after power-on before you start any triggering to receive data.

This mandatory procedure and sequence of initialization is not described in the datasheet. by the way, the ADIS16488 shows no problem with the same procedure where the ADIS16490 shows the problem.  We hope this will help the community to integrate the device successfully


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