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ADCMP607 comparator info

Question asked by Ansar on Mar 6, 2017
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We are using ADCMP607 comparator one of our design.
Please provide below info for my design.

1> Can we connect same power supply voltage to both VCCI and VCCO or connect the different voltages?
what is non operating range in electric characristics?
VCCI - VCCO Operating -3.0 +3.0 V
VCCI - VCCO Nonoperating -6 +6 V
Please elaborate.

2> Can i set hysterisis by just connecting one 100K or 200K ohm resistor pull down to ground to LE/HYS pin, if am not using Latch enable?.
In Figure 18. Hysteresis vs. RHYS Control Resistor graph
if i am connecting 100K pulldown then it show 100mV hysterisis. it means +/- 100 mV or +/- 50 mV?


3> we are using this comaparator in high speed paths where we need to measure 6 nS rise time of signal. How much delays the this comaprator add in signal path?

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