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AD9371 Observation Rx JESD204B Framer

Question asked by yeaten on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by gverma

1.    In the sample project, provided by AD, there are 2 lanes RX and 2 lanes ObsRx JESD204B cores. But, I will only use the observation receiver and I created single 4 lanes JESD204B core. If I calculate the lane rate:


      Lane rate = 307.2 MHz x 2 ADC x 16 bits x 10/8 / 4 Lanes = 3072 Mbps


which is within the given range. However when I try to open 4 lanes for obs. receiver it gives an error called "MYKONOS_ERR_OBSRX_FRAMER_INV_M_PARM". While I was debugging I notice that in the function "MYKONOS_setupJesd204bObsRxFramer" 24 for ML parameter(2 ADCs, 4 Lanes) are not covered. On the other hand, in the "MYKONOS_setupJesd204bFramer" it is covered. In my opinion, if they are two identical framers(rx framer and obs/sniffer framer) it should be possible right?


2.    For the same case, Xilinx JESD204B cores have 32 bits data bus. If I open 2 lanes, IP core will have 153.6 MSPS sample rate. Am I correct?