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LDO with adjustable current limiting etc. available?

Question asked by evalon on Mar 6, 2017

Hi Analog Devices,

I have searched your power management products for an LDO with these characteristics:


- Single regulator output, adjustable. Preferably up to 20 VDC. Input voltage up to 22 VDC.

- 200 mA output current needed. Should be either adjustable or an intrinsic current limiting that maintains good voltage regulation and will be fine with being used as a current limiter in practice.

- noise spec up to 15 uV RMS and good PSSR particularly at low(er) frequencies.

- shut down (simple) - no programming needed.

- price point preferably maximum 3-4 dollars for appr. 30 pieces at a time.

- preferably SOIC package, or a similar package with relatively wide pin spacing (e.g. SOT-23).


... yet I have not found any LDO fulfilling all criteria. The main issue appears to be the adjustable current limiting and - in this context - that the LDOs without an adjustable current limiting (but with a built-in current limiting) seem to not work reliably over the long term if this intrinsic current limiting is used to current limit.


So, just in case I have overlooked something, I'm contacting you to hear if you have such an LDO(s) in your portfolio and can send me a link to it? Or, if you don't, but know that another manufacturer does, if you would be so kind as to let me know.


Cheers from Denmark,


Jesper Mønsted