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Problems testing ADAS1000SDZ evaluation board

Question asked by snorkel on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by CatherineR

I am having trouble getting any reasonable signals to show.

I have a WinXP SP3 computer with 2GB RAM.

My test bench is:



I have installed the driver and the main program and the driver is visible under ADI Development Tools and is reported as functioning properly.


Now, here are some of my issues:

1. The ADAS1000 Main Front Panel program seems unstable at best. Unaware of what to do, i sometimes restart the computer, sometimes I plug/unplug the USB cable, press reset on either the SDP or the ADAS board to no avail.
The program does on of these things:
   Do not shut down - I have to kill it

   Claims the the daughter board is missing while it was connected a moment ago

   Closing one of the windows "Stream xyz", "Program ..." or whatever seems to freeze the entire application.


2. Pressing Default Settings and entering the Stream ECG window and then Pressing Test Tones gets me to its settings. Modifying LA,LL,RA,V1,V2 to 1mV Wave and pressing Test Tones button to ON will change the display output, but no signals are shown. Clicking Program ALL RW Reg and changing CMREFCTL to NOT add LA,LL,RA to the common-mode signal, pressing Write Read Reg button and returning to the non-closed Stream ECG window the graph has stopped updating. No button seems to change this fact. After this the application seems to be caput as described in 1.

I have had this card for some time now and I am starting to give up on it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to test that it actually works at all ?
Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards