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[Bug Report] Master Control Port Interface Read

Question asked by op-electronics on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by op-electronics

Title: Master Control Port Interface Read doesn't work



After several tests i came to conclusion that this block is not working. Unfortunately the only i2c eeprom i actually have is Microchip 24AA1025 so i can't do further testings with other devices. However, here is a list of all the eeprom operations i can do, most of them work fine which would lead me to discard a hardware issue:


  • master control port interface write: works
  • master control port interface read: doesn't work
  • writing and erasing the eeprom through dsp: works
  • reading the eeprom from I2C Read (periodic): sometimes works sometimes not (will open a bug report on this too probably)
  • reading and erasing the eeprom trough USBi: works


After write operation by Interface Write the block doesn't output anything from its pin after selfboot.


When Interface Write is triggered at its input, the value of pin0 is read by Interface Read, as described in the Wiki. However this doesn't work all the time and i've discovered that If I2C Read and Interface Read are being used in same schematic, Interface Read stops to put out on its pin the value of pin0 from Interface Write. I recorded a small video about it, check it in the attached files.


Finally, Interface Write works properly. I can read the eeprom content from I2C Read (periodic) or directly by reading the eeprom content through USBi. I didn't use Value Change or Periodic options as much cause my application required to be GPIO triggered.


SigmaStudio Version :Sigma Studio 3.14


OS: Win 7 Pro