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Shield connection of shielded bus cable for ADM2682E

Question asked by ricky on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by nin

Hi All


My customer has a question on ground connection of RS-485 bus cable.

He is considering to use ADM2687E for his new product.

The GND1 of ADM2682E is connected to ECB GND and is electrically connected to metal chassis of his product. GND2 of ADM2682E is connected to GND terminal of D-Sub connector and is connected external equipment GND via the cable.

The D-Sub connector is mounted on the Metal Chassis box through insulator, which means that the D-Sub connector housing is not electrically connected to the Metal Chassis.

His RS-485 bus cable is shielded twisted pair cable. His question is connection of the shield of the cable. The shield of the cable is connected to the GND2, or Metal Chassis of his product via D-Sub connector metal housing removing insulator?


Thank you for your help,