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fast lock procedure

Question asked by manideep on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by manideep

This is regarding  AD9364 fast lock.


We are carrying out calibration at two different frequencies (ex. F1 and F2) and storing the calibration values in BBP memory. We have configured the chip in FDD mode during this process.


After this we are configuring the chip in FDD independent mode with external pin control and we are writing the calibration values from BBP in to the Tx and Rx synth registers (in one frame with calibration values for F1 and the second frame with calibration values for F2). We are repeating this process. We are observing that the Tx spectrum has very high levels of  Baseband hormonics. Also the floor noise is very high outside the channel bandwidth. If we load only one frequency using this procedure the Tx spectrum is OK.


We want very fast locking and hence we are following the above procedure. We would like to know if this is OK or is a must we have to use "profile load" command and then "profile recall" command