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Question about measuring large magnetic fields w/ AD22151

Question asked by ah-cls on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by krisf

I'm looking at the AD22151 to measure a large dipole magnet (electromagnet) that can produce a field of up to 1.65T (16700 Gauss) which is a unipolar field.


Going through the datasheet, into a 4.7k load (note 2) you get a 0.4mV/G at a gain of 1.  At maximum field that would be an output of ~ 6.68V, which isn't possible.  Is there something I'm missing in setting up the sensor gain with R2 and R3? What I've got so far is that R1 should be approx 28k and R3 should be 0 to provide a gain of 1.