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Amplifying the signal having transition from 15 mV to 30 mV and then measure the slew rate of the amplified signal.

Question asked by Piyushkumar on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by JinoL

I need to measure slew rate of differential signal transition from 15mV to 30mV(which is having a slew rate approximately 1.5V/uSec) across 50 Ohm Resistor .For measuring slew rate i am having an instrument which can measure the slew rate
of signal.But it can work with minimum 150mV threshold voltage with input impedance 100 Ohm.
     So, I am planing to amplify the signal 10 times(with gain=10) using either differential input differential output or differential input to single ended output amplifier. Initially i have selected AD8129. But it require measuring instrument should have high input impedance.So i should not use it.

Now i am planning AD8132. But I am not sure weather it will work with gain 10.


Can anyone suggest the amplifier which suites better for amplifying 15mV-30mV signal with gain 10 and then measuring slew rate of amplified signal using 100 Oham input  impedance measuring device.


Thank you