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AD8000 extremly noisy

Question asked by Dilletant on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Dilletant

Hi there,


I use AD8000 on the single SO8 eval board in an non-inverting configuration and gain of 2. I added a resistor to V+ to bias the output so that I get a 2Vpp swing around Gnd.

What works well in simulation is not working at all in the real world :/

Input is roughly 1MHz 1Vpp square wave from a very old function generator, quite a lot of jitter and noise, but that should be fine since I just want to check basic functionality of the circuit.

When I power the op amp I get almost 1Vpp noise on my input signal and 2Vpp on the output.

Circuit is like in the simulation attached, input signal is different, of course...


Any ideas what is going wrong here?