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USB comms fails on new Win10 computer

Question asked by electrojim on Mar 2, 2017

I am at my wits end and need help badly... please.


I run Sigma 3.14 on any of four computers: a Win/Vista desktop, a Win7 laptop, and two Win10 machines.  Everything is fine except on the newest Win10 desktop computer, a Dell Inspiron 3650.  This new Dell was purchased to replace a little Asus 'mini' computer, also running Win10, but which was slow as molasses.  All versions of Sigma, since I started with it several years ago, run or ran just fine under any OS, except for the new Dell.

The Dell compiles quickly, downloads the project to the hardware and then loses communication, either on its own or immediately if I slide a pot or switch a multiplexer in Sigma.  The hardware continues to pass signal, but cannot be controlled, and ReadBacks sit with a frozen value.  After 20 seconds or so, I get the "Compiled, Comms Failed" notice at the bottom of the Sigma screen.  Unplugging the USB cable and recompiling/downloading will generally get it back working again, anywhere from a fraction of a second to a minute or more, but again any command to the circuit will generally stop the project dead if it hasn't decided to quit by itself.


I figure this must be a USB problem, but have ruled out the A/D USBi board because it works with other computers fine.  But then the Dell works just fine with other USB devices: card readers, cameras, keyboard/mouse, PIC programmers, etc.; never a problem with anything else, just the USBi interface, either the newer Ver 1.3 or an older one I have.


I've updated all the USB drivers, reinstalled Sigma a couple of times and followed guidelines here about avoiding USB3 ports (although the slow Asus USB3 port works fine with Sigma), and trying a USB hub (I can't communicate with the USBi at all through one).  This situation is more than maddening, it's starting to cost money now.  Any ideas are very welcome.  Thanks!