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Master Control Port Interface read/write i2c

Question asked by op-electronics on Mar 2, 2017
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i'm using a Microchip 24aa1025 i2c eeprom, i can selfboot programs from it without a problem but i'm having troubles to read/write from master control port interface.


Eeprom datasheet says that:

This device has an internal addressing boundary limitation that is divided into two segments of 512K bits. Block select bit ‘B0’ to control access to each segment.




Since adau1452 can only selfboot with address 0x50


When i write to eeprom through interface write with address 0x50 the dsp doesn't selfboot on next power-up. I know that adau1452 selfboot happens only at 0x50 so i can't hard set A0 and A1 bits to different values. The other usable address for interface write should be 0x54 (B0=1 which would write to the second 512Kb memory block) but despite the adau1452 selfboots correctly nothing is read from interface read.


I just want to selfboot a program and write/read from interface register from same eeprom.


What do you think? Should i change eeprom type? Did you test the i2c master interface with any particular device?


Thank you for your support