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Question asked by anaghavittal on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Vinod

I have purchased the RF Transceiver board ADFCOMMS4-EBZ from analog Devices and  Virtex-7 FPGA (VC707)  evaluation board from Xilinx as well.  There is an FMC connector available on the RF Transceiver board and i wish to connect this with another FMC already present on the above mentioned FPGA board. Since i am unable to obtain the Pin out details of the FMC connector on the Transceiver board, I request you to kindly help me by providing the necessary Pin out details of the connector on the board as the same is required by me to connect with the FPGA Board. Also, i would like to know if any additional OS or Driver Softwares have to be installed on the Transceiver board in order for it to work effectively with the FPGA board. I am using the FPGA board to run my VHDL Code only, and taking the output from the DAC board. So, it would be very helpful if i could get the necessary reference manuals for the same.