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Diff VGA driver for AD9680

Question asked by rr602 on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by RReeder


I'm evaluating a design for digitizing 500MHz of bandwidth starting from near zero (let's say from 100Hz).

I want to use ADRF6820 quad demodulator (moving from L-band to near-zero) paired with AD9680 ADC.

I'm thinking about using ADL5205 diffDGA to drive AD9680. AS AD9680 provide diff outputs for I and Q components, i want to keep all signal chains differential down to ADC.


Datasheet specs for ADL5205 starts from 10Mhz so i need to know it's low frequency performance.

Does it depend on input decoupling capacitors only or there are some other limitations?


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