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Question asked by sh5364 Employee on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by sripad

our customer ELBIT asked a question and claims he did  what we recommended no. 3  but he still has the problem.

the problem is :

seeing - please reboot the ZYNQ


our recommendations does not help

please advise



3) Seeing ‘Please reboot Zynq’ status along with following error message while connecting via TES.

Resolution: Try to find out if you are performing configuration correctly.

·        Xilinx zc706 board.

·        Standard SD card: come with the AD9371 evaluation board – make sure the one marked ADRV9371-SDCARD is being used.

·        Switches: Set as states in UG-992 page 246.

·        Jumpers: Set as shown in Fig 151 in UG-992 page 246.

If the error persists, that implies that the ‘cmd_server’ is not running on the ZYNQ board. You may have corrupted the SD card.

To fix this issue, following steps are required:

  1. Manually start cmd_server as mentioned below.
    1. analog@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~$ sudo pkill cmd_server
    2. analog@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~$ sudo  /home/analog/cmd_server/cmd_server
    3. You see following output:  Server-Using and port 55555...
  2. Update platform software : Device->Update-> Platform Files
  3. Do a hard reboot on the ZYNQ board (Automatic may not work after platform s/w update).
  4. Restart the GUI – system should now function properly.

If this does not work, you need to restore the SD card with a new image. (Image and instructions can be found at