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ADRV9371 on mitx100

Question asked by wingel on Mar 1, 2017
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I'm trying to get a Mykonos/ADRV9371 to work on a Mini-ITX Zynq Z-7100 board.  I started with the hdl_2016_r2 branch, created a new mitx100 board based on the mitx045 and then tried to port everything AD9371 related over from the zc706 to the mitx100. Unfortunately transmitting data from a buffer doesn't work, and I can't figure out why.


Most things do work.  The transmit path works using the DDS synthesizer code in the FPGA and the receive path works so the AD9371 related stuff and the JESD204 links seem to be up.  But nothing happens if I try to play back a file using the GUI.  The same image built for a ZC706 board does work and can play back data.


I'm a really a software guy, so the FPGA side is a bit confusing still.  It's probably some silly thing that I have missed.  Are there any debug hooks in the ADI HDL that I can get to from Linux to help.  Or does someone have time to look at my HDL changes and see if you can spot something obvious?


I've uploaded my changes to github and they are quite small.  First one change which creates a mitx100 project which is identical to the mitx045 project except for targeting the xc7z100-ffg900 instead of the xc7z045-ffg900. Next a change which imports the mitx100 MIG configuration downloaded from the zedboard site.  Finally a change which tries to port the AD9371 support from the zc706 to the mitx100. 


Any help would be appreciated,