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Does AD5535 have a special power on sequence?

Question asked by sato3 on Sep 22, 2011
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I am now desinging circuits with AD5535 for MEMS application.

The MEMS device works well up to 190V and breaks over 200V.

I am afriad that the high voltage Vpp (225V) directly go through AD5535 to the MEMS device,

in case of powering on and/or temporary blackout of other low supply voltages.

Are there special sequences of powering on or some constraints of the suppy order?

And are there forbidden states of combination of on/off of supply voltages of

225V(Vpp), +5V(V+,AVcc), -5V(V-), 3.3V(DVcc), 4.096V(REF_IN)?


Thank you for in advance.