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AD7779 Reset while using Mux

Question asked by ndomblides on Mar 1, 2017
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I'm using AD7779, in SPI control mode.

Just after initialization onf the device (configuring internal registers), I'm calibrating each active channels (Offset and Gain). So I'm changing ADC_MUX_CONFIG register to 0x14 to connect REF-/REF- ==> Calibration of the Offset, every thing works fine then I change ADC_MUX_CONFIG register to 0x08 to have access to 280mV reference voltage to calibrate the Gain.

And all my configuration resets just after changing ADC_MUX_CONFIG register value.


My configuration is the following :

CH0 : Inactive

CH1 : Active, PGA=4, RX_MUX active (config register = 0x90)

CH2 : Inactive

CH3 : Active, PGA=4, RX_MUX active (config register = 0x90)

CH4 & 5 : Inactive

CH6 : Active, PGA=1, RX_MUX active (config register = 0x10)

CH7 : Inactive


I have already seen something like that. The ADC used to reset while using CH0 with RX_MUX active and DC_MUX_CONFIG = 0x08.


Do you have any clue about what is happening ?


Thank you for your help.