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ADV7842 CP Sync H and V positions

Question asked by Yannick.C on Sep 22, 2011
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I have a 1280x1024@60 analog signal on HD15 input of ADV7842-ADV7511 eval board. I have configured ADV7842 to work in auto-graphic mode. The signal is displayed at the output on a screen.

The problem is that I can't change start and end of synchro H or V with CP_START_HS, CP_END_HS, CP_START_VS, CP_END_VS. Any changes to these registers do not have effect on ADV7842 output synchronisations, inputs synchronisation timing are used at output.

It is stange because I use CP_START_SAV, CP_START_EAV, CP_START_VBI and CP_END_VBI and it works correctly. In addition parameters START_VS and START_HS work correctly.