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ADV7188 Line Length Recognition

Question asked by apomerants on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by Rob.Analog


We are using the ADV7188 Decoder in our video card

Lately we have changed the camera type.

We noticed the video picture turned to be a bad picture: wrong colors, wrong brightness, flickers , etc.

We have read the Decoder Status registers (0x10, 12 , 13) and noticed the only change between the regular good camera and the new "bad" camera

is that bit LL_NSTD is now set.

We are trying to figure out with the camera supplier (SONY)  if there is a way to correct this issue , but since we don't expect a fast answer from them,

I would like to ask if you can instruct us of a way to match the decoder initialization with the current camera state so the picture will be good again.

Issue is that if we are using a different video card we do get a good camera, so we understand the ADV7188 is not flexible for Line Length problems.

Can you help us to make it so?