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SPORTs Synchronization in SHARC EE-377 Talkthrough Example Code

Question asked by YanikM on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by EricGregori


I'm looking into the source of the EE 377 Audio Talkthrough example and I read in the paper:


The SPORT allocated to SHARC #2 is synchronized with the SPORT allocated to SHARC #1 during
initialization. After the MDMA completion interrupt occurs, SHARC #2 has almost one whole frame worth
of time before its SPORT callback function expects another frame.


I cannot find the part of the code that synchronizing SPORT of SHARC #2 to SPORT of SHARC #1. Can anyone point me to the part of code that ensures this synchronization is done? I've looked in Adau1962Interface.c file but couldn't find this.


Thanks a lot!