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[Urgent] SSM3582 Output short to GND will cause the IC damaged

Question asked by Sam.S on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Sam.S

Dear Sir,


Our customer are using SSM3852 as class-D Amp in their speaker products.


They are doing production testing for the project DVT(Before MP) and RD found 15 of 60 pcs SSM3582 was damaged(PVDD and output short to ground) cause by that output of BTL short to ground.


The  SSM3582 datasheet have defined that output with short circuit protection function, Now RD are confusing on why some of SSM3582 can not be protected during the output short to ground and some of SSM3582 can be protected during output short to ground or PVDD or both output shorting.


After damaged of SSM3582 the protection function will be lost then cause the IC burned(fire and smoke) , RD said This is a serious problem, Please help to provide advised for this urgent issue.




SSM3582 BTL circuit



1. Do you need more detail schematic? How do I mail the detail schematic about this portion to you for issue analysis?

2. I have studied SSM3582 datasheet, there are mentioned about SSM3582 have short-circuit protection function in datasheet.

   But not described so clear about the short-circuit protection function.

   So the short-circuit protection function is mean that allow customer to do the testing which PVDD and output short to ground?

   If not, then the short-circuit protection is mean what?


Thank you very much!!