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AD9361 maximum data rate

Question asked by RFVS on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by mhennerich
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If i understood correctly, the maximum data rate at the output of a channel is 61.44MSPS.
If yes, which stage limit the data rate? Is it the FIR?
So i suppose the data rate per channel is the same in 1R1T and 2R2T configuration because in 1R1T, the output data rate on the LVDS link is 61.44MSPS and in 2R2T, the output data rate on the LVDS link is 122.88MSPS.
Is that correct?


On the Rev.A (table 50) the Maximum data rate in 1R1T change from 122.88MSPS to 61.44MSPS.
So the maximum RF bandwidth using 2x Oversampling should be 30.72MHz?


Is there the same error in table 48 which show a data rate of 122.88MSPS in 1R1T DDR Dual port half duplex?


Thank you for your help.