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ADV7612 to ADV7611 Configuration compatibility

Question asked by Lolo on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

My objective is to convert HDMI to RGB with an ADV7611 installed on a custom PCB. This PCB has, among other stuff, a microcontroller that manages the initialization of the devices. When I make work the ADV7611, the configuration will me managed by the microcontroller.


In order to obtain a valid configuration, I use an Aardvark I2C-USB, AVES SW and an EVAL-ADV7612-7511; as well as a Saleae Logic analyzer for data sniffing.


As far as I understood from reading here in the support site, ADV7611 and ADV7612 are configuration-compatible (although some registers are not present on ADV7611). So I assumed that if I am able to obtain a working configuration for ADV7612, exactly the same configuration will be valid for an ADV7611. Is this assumption correct?


What I did in order to get a *valid* configuration for the ADV7611 that is installed on my PCB was more or less as follows:

 - Use the EVAL-ADV7612-7511 EVB to get a working configuration for the ADV7612 and save it as an AVES script

 - Keep the previously obtained configuration script and use it to write configuration to the ADV7611 on my board

 - **In theory** the ADV7611 should work.


The results that I got are basically:

 - At this stage what I consider "correct operation" is the detection of the HDMI received from a PC (I used a custom and working EDID) and having the pixel clock locked

 - ADV7612 is working fine but ADV7611 is not

 - Observations regarding ADV7611:

      I observed that in ADV7612, the address set for the Infoframe reg. map is set to 0x76 (in the register F5 of IO map -0x98-) so I had to change it from 0x76 to 0x7C to avoid the reception of NAK when writing to the Infoframe reg. map

      The control signals in both devices have the following values:

         HDMI_HPD: 0 in the EVB, 1 in my PCB. Probably because of the correct detection of the video source in ADV7612

         ADV_RESET_N: 1 in both cases, reset mode is disabled

         INT1_N: 0 in both cases

         INT2_N: 0 in the EVB, a 40MHz switching signal in my PCB (no signal is being injected here and the INTRQ2 is disabled)



  In my board the output lines (RGB data plus video control signals are floating for the moment). Can this have any influence in my system's behavior?

  The Crystal oscillator is exactly the same P/N as the one used in the 7612 evaluation kit, running at 28,6363MHz


Could I get some suggestions, guidance on how to make work my ADV7611?

Is there any support documentation about the configuration porting/compatibility between ADV7611 and ADV7612?


Thanks in advance