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Raspberry Pi with ADE7868 via SPI

Question asked by zuendi on Feb 28, 2017
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Hi all,


I´m new here and hope you can help me. A friend gave me a Raspberry Pi with a board that is meant to measure analog Current Values. On this board is a ADE7868. I followed the wiring  and figured out that it is connected via SPI.

Now to my question:

I tried to get any response from the board but only get zeros out of it. In the documentation on page 71 is described how to communicate with the chip. What I don't understand is the following sentence:


The read operation using the SPI interface of the ADE7854/ ADE7858/ADE7868/ADE7878 initiate when the master sets the SS/HSA pin low and begins sending one byte, representing the address of the ADE7854/ADE7858/ADE7868/ADE7878, on the MOSI line.


How do I figure out what the address is? Is there any way I can get any response from the Chip? I tried Python and C programs but didn't get anything out.

Here my python code:


import spidev  #import spi lib
import time      #import sleep
import os


#Spidev object create and open con

spi = spidev.SpiDev(), 0)                


spi.max_speed_hz = 16384000
spi.mode = 0
spi.cshigh = False
spi.lsbfirst = False



#os.system("gpio -g write 10 0")

answer = spi.xfer2([0b111001011000])       # =E508 = Overvoltage threshold. 
#os.system("gpio -g write 10 1")

print (answer)

Obviously since I do not send the address of the chip I don't get any answer. All I get is "[0]". Could you please give me any hints?

Thank you guys so much.


Best regards,