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Sigma Project Size increasing

Question asked by IRON on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by joe42

Hello All,


I am facing with a weird problem on SigmaStudio Project file.


Below is my environment.

   SigmaStudio version : 3.14

   Windows OS : Windows 7 professional

   processor chosen on hardware config : ADAU1452


My SigmaStudio Project file size is getting bigger.

Initially, the file size was 300KB to 500KB. 

Now the size is about 20MB which is 4-7 times of the original.


I tried to figure out the causation.

I found a way to replicate this phenomenon. 


After opening any project file on schematic, if I zoom in and out repeatedly several times, and just Save the file.

Then the size file suddenly gets bigger.

When I do the above operation with a file whose size is 20MB, the file size becomes over 30MB.


Could you please try this and give me any tips.


Best Regards,

Yuta M