EVAL-ADV7611EB2Z Questions

Discussion created by roadrunner Employee on Feb 27, 2017
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1)      I am using theboard connected only to my hdmi source. I have HDMI audio being sent to the board, but I am not able to see any infoframe audio packets. I was told ( that I would be able to see the audio checksum in this, but on my development board I am only seeing 0’s in the infoframe data tab. I am using the EVP Evaluation Software 1.5.2 that was available to download with the development board.

2)      Is the development board going to need any changes if I add in the audio output components to the board? I had originally though that from all the documents on the kit that it would have the audio section populated, but after getting it in I have realized that it was unpopulated. So now I have had to order in the needed parts to get the board working as it was shown in the evaluation board documentation. I have software version installed on the board.

  ADI HDMI Repeater Application Ver R1.55.2

  PLATFORM: ATV 7611/2 EVAL Rev 0x0

  HDMI-RX:  ADV7611 Rev 0x2051

  HDMI-TX:  ADV7511 Rev 0x14

  Created:  Jun 11 2012 At 11:16:23

3)      Is there any easy way to determine what parameters are being sent to the ADV7611 on the development board starting at power up?

4)      Where can I find the edid that is being loaded into the ADV7611 when no monitor is connected.