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ADV7842 Pin C11 Test8 connection issue

Question asked by JosephSh Employee on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by JosephSh


   Here, one of our key visit customer Hikvision HZ is using ADV7842 who found one description conflict on ADV7842 datasheet and hardware manual (UG-214) for Pin C11 Test8 connection;

   on the datasheet, the C11 is recommended to connect to ground by one 4.7K ohm resistor;  but on the UG214, C11 is recommended to tie to 3.3V by 4.7K resistor;

   and on the EVAL schematics, there is reserved both circuit, but default is to install the 4.7K resistor that connect to ground;

   you can see attached printed page;


   please help to double check which connection is right to the normal operation of ADV7842? or both can be used? Thanks.



Joseph Sheng